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Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster economic growth and community improvement, and to promote the Vinton area as an attractive place to live, shop, work and play!

Vinton Unlimited is a merged Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development group. It is a private, non profit, voluntary organization. It unites hundreds of area businesses and professional firms, creating a unified voice working to improve business and build a better community.

Over 75% of Vinton Unlimited membership is comprised of small businesses. It is those myriad of small businesses that make up the backbone of our community, prospering and creating a healthy, positive environtment for conducting business.

Vinton Unlimited works to help Vinton achieve its fullest by providing continuous and effective leadership. Its strength lies in the active involvement of its membership. Both large and small businesses, from virtually every profession, are represented and influence the direction of the organization. Vinton Unlimited is committee driven. The members are the organization.

Above all Vinton Unlimited is PEOPLE who understand that through Vinton Unlimited they can accomplish collectively what none of them can do individually. The strength of Vinton Unlimited lies in attracting the greatest possible number of members from the community, creating a pool of resources from which ideas, energy, and finances can be drawn.

Vinton Unlimited's members elect a Board of Directors, which in turn develop a business plan for each year; a list of goals and objectives for the betterment of the community. The business plan is accomplished through a strong committee system, the committees and task forces made up of Vinton Unlimited members. Vinton Unlimited has 11 board members and one paid professional.

Vinton Unlimited Board of Directors consists of the following committees:

Vinton Unlimited is dedicated to promoting our community. We are proud to promote the City of Vinton as a place to live, shop, work and play.

We would like to encourage and welcome any business or individual interested in becoming involved in our activities and in our community to stop by the Vinton Unlimited office located in the City Hall Building at 310 A Avenue or call 319 472-3955.

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Business Membership Guide

 Service & Professional Business

0-2 Employees


3-5 Employees
6-10 Employees
11-20 Employees
Over 20 Employees

Non profit, Educational, Churches, Srvc. Org.


New Business Member Discount

 25% Off first year dues

Counting Employees

 Part time employees (Less than 20 hours)= 1/2 employee


Individual Memberships


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Membership Benefits
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Membership Application Form

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Membership List

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